FT2018-006: 2018-2019

Evaluation of IGF-2 and IGF-2 receptor ligand (L1) in a rat model of AS on neurobehavioral phenotype. Primary Investigator: Jill Silverman The goals of this

FT2018-005: 2018-2020

Outcome measurement assessment in communication for patients with Angelman syndrome Primary Investigator: Bryce Reeve This grant was funded to Dr. Bryce Reev

FT2018-003: 2018-2020

Evaluation of ERP Primary Investigator: Sasha Keys This project will capitalize on the pilot grant that was funded in 2017 showing that brief, noninvasive, l

FT2018-001: 2018-2019

Evaluation of Safety and Tolerability of a Nutritional Formulation in AS. Primary Investigator: J. Duis Summary: Lowering carbohydrate content of the diet an