[wpv-autop]In Partnership With Vivint Gives Back, FAST Announces The Mother Of All Contests.[/wpv-autop][wpv-autop]

fast cure logoStarting today, February 1, 2017 and running through midnight CST on June 30, 2017, you and a guest have the chance to win an all-expense paid trip* to Los Angeles, California, for a private dinner with critically acclaimed actor, Golden Globe winner and fellow Angelman parent Colin Farrell and world-renowned scientist Dr. Edwin Weeber!

As part of the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutic’s (FAST) CURE ANGELMAN NOW (CAN) initiative, you have the opportunity to win great prizes while helping to fund the cure for Angelman Syndrome (AS). We simply could not have made this any easier or more exciting! From free groceries to house cleaning services, massages, Netflix subscription, iTunes gift card, Home Depot merchandise, apparel, electronics and amazing vacation get-aways, this contest has it all.

Ultimately, ten (10) winners and their guests will be whisked away to Los Angeles, put up in a swanky Beverly Hills hotel and join actor Colin Farrell and Dr. Edwin Weeber for a private dinner that will undoubtedly be a once in a lifetime experience.

FAST has created new CAN fundraising pages specifically for this initiative. The new page format has many new features to help ensure your fundraising efforts are as successful as possible. If you have an established CAN page, you can keep it; however, only donations received on either an existing or new CAN page starting today, February 1, 2017, will go towards the Colin Farrell and Dr. Weeber trip and dinner give-away. Donations received on established CAN pages prior to today will still count towards all other prizes. Although not necessary, we encourage everyone to utilize the new and improved CAN fundraising pages. Please read the rules and regulations here.

For more information on the numerous prizes and to get started on your journey to not only Cure Angelman Now, but to be part of the best initiative conceived for AS fundraising, click here. Once your page is created, use the edit feature to match your fundraising goals with the prizes you want to win. During the duration of the contest, FAST will be sharing tools and ground-breaking announcements that will excite and motivate you and your donors, as well as assist you in having the most success with your fundraising! Celebrating our upcoming International Angelman Day would be a great way to kick off your campaign. Click here for a host of clever fundraising ideas.

As always, FAST is enormously grateful to our partners at Vivint Gives Back for their support. Now, let’s all get started fundraising for a cure and winning cool stuff!

*Rules and restrictions apply. Please click here to read the rules and restrictions.