M1801221: 2017-2018

Treatment of Angelman syndrome using ASO targeting UBE3A-AS Primary Investigator: S. Dindot This program supported further exploration of various ASO candida

FT2017-002: 2017-2018

Angelman syndrome relevant outcome measures in a novel rat model. Primary Investigator: Jill Silverman Novel strategies to treat Angelman Syndrome are needed

UoP001: 2017-2018

Clinical candidate development of an AAV gene therapy for Angelman syndrome Primary Investigator: J. Wilson This program is designed to support a full pre-cl

ABOM: 2017-2018

Adaption of a standardized neurodevelopmental assessment for individuals with Angelman syndrome. Primary Investigator: A. Sadhwani Due to the limitations of

FT2017-001: 2017-2018

Therapeutic effects of IGF2 in a mouse model of Angelman syndrome and Preclinical evaluation of IGF2 in Angelman syndrome. Primary Investigator: Cristina Alb

ABOM: 2017-2018

Auditory brain responses as an indicator of cognitive function in Angelman syndrome Primary Investigator: Sasha Key This is a pilot grant was funded by the A