Ten (10) entrants will be selected to win a trip to the 2016 FAST SUMMIT & Gala!!!

Winners will consist of one (1) parent of a child with Angelman Syndrome plus their guest. Winners will receive:

1. Two (2) Round Trip tickets to Chicago (up to $800.00 US each) to attend the 2016 FAST Summit & Gala;
2. Two (2) tickets to attend 2016 FAST Gala;
3. Taxi to/from O’Hare or Midway airport to the Hyatt Regency Chicago;
4. Hotel (3 nights @ Hyatt Regency Chicago) for your stay during attendance at the 2016 FAST Summit & Gala; and
5. Food ($200 US Gift card).

Rules & Guidance


1. You must be a parent of a child with Angelman Syndrome.
2. You must not be a past (2015) winner of the Vivint Giveaway to the FAST Summit & Gala.
3. Only one video submission per family.


1. Make a video no longer than 2 minutes in duration.
2. Film and submit video in landscape format (not portrait).
3. Tell Vivint about your child and/or your family.
4. Tell Vivint why you and your guest would love to go to the FAST Summit & Gala.
5. Include pictures & videos of your child and/or your family.
6. Tell Vivint how smart home technology has made a difference or would make a difference in your life.
7. Complete this form and submit your video (no larger than 250 MB)

8. Videos must be received by 9:00 AM CST on Monday, September 5, 2016.
9. Winners of the Vivint Summit & Gala Giveaway will be announced the week of September 19th. The winners of the FAST Ticket Giveaway will be announced immediately thereafter.

Helpful Hints:

1. The Vivint Givesback Program is supported by Vivint employees – let them know what their support means to you.
2. Vivint employees love to hear inspiring, humorous, touching stories from our community – keep that in mind when making your video.

In addition to 10 FAST Summit & Gala Winners, Vivint will also select:

2 Vivint Smart Home System Winners

• Vivint will also give away two (2) systems (installation & one-year monitoring) at the FAST Gala.
• If you are a winner of the Vivint Smart Home System Giveaway and you already have a Vivint system, you will receive one-year free monitoring.