With the internet now commonplace in homes around the world, the Angelman Community is much more connected to each other through social media. There are networks of support available to you at any hour of the day. Whether you are looking for advice or the latest news regarding Angelman Syndrome, everything can be found on social media.

At the top of right of this page, you can click the social media icons that will take you directly to the FAST online social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Join the online community and stay up to date with news on science, events, inspirational stories and more.


There are a number of Facebook groups relating to Angelman Syndrome. These groups are not managed nor endorsed by FAST but can provide a wealth of information. Once you have joined the Official FAST Facebook page feel free to post a question to the community to ask for direction to relevant groups.

«Global networking with the online Angelman community is priceless: for emotional support, sharing of information, and to ease the sense of isolation our families are often faced with»~ Ursula Cranmer, New Zealand