FAST Infrastructure grant

Primary Investigators: D. Segal, J. Silverman, K. Fink

This is a unique program that is aiming to create a core facility as a resource for developing and evaluating various treatments for Angelman syndrome. The intent is to create a stable infrastructure for the rapid testing of potential therapeutics in various models of Angelman syndrome (AS). The expectation is that academic investigators, and industry, would have access to experts in neurobehavioral testing, molecular biology and epigenetics. Through this model there is also the potential that trainees will develop expertise and interest in Angelman syndrome in an effort to support and breed the next generation of AS focused scientists. Rather than setting up all of the necessary components for animal testing at many different labs or R&D companies, it would be more efficient and higher throughput to have a central resource of experts who have a proven track record of understanding the AS animal models and the genetics and pathophysiology of AS.