Science Summit

Becky Burdine, Ph.D. ~Introduction/Therapeutics in Angelman Syndrome

Ovid Therapeutics ~The use of Gaboxadol (OV101) in the treatment of Angelman Syndrome. Down stream therapeutics working at the neuronal synapse.  Discussion of future clinical trials.

Agilis Biotherapeutics ~ The use of gene therapy for the production of UBE3A in the treatment of Angelman Syndrome.  Discussion of future clinical trials.

Disruptive Nutrition ~ The use of Ketone Supplements for the nutritional management of Angelman Syndrome.  Discussion of pre-clinical trial outcomes and future human clinical trials.

Vivint ~ The use of a smart technology home security system to protect your loved ones.


The most aggressive, novel, innovative research initiative whose goal is to identify treatments for Angelman Syndrome.

FIRE Team Q&A 

Educational Summit 

Linda Burkhart & Gayle Porter ~

Information to clarify desirable long-term outcomes and evidence informed practices towards the development of accessible, autonomous communication for children who use AAC.

Q&A/Panel Discussion

David Koppenhaver & Susan Norwell ~

Key principles and strategies including structured shared reading, predictable chart writing, independent emergent reading and writing, and early skills instruction.  The use of Core Vocabulary and Soft-Tech Reading Page Sets and how they support communication during shared reading.  Decision tree for determining when emergent literacy or conventional literacy instruction is most appropriate.

Q&A/Panel Discussion